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only for the EU

  •   filter category: Lenses with polarizing filter UV400 CAT3

  • European standard: EN 1836: 2005 + A1: 2007;



  • do not leave your sunglasses on the work table or on other surfaces, chairs, etc. to

avoid accidental destruction.

  • do not sleep and do not sleep with sunglasses on.

  • always keep sunglasses in their case.


     Instructions for use

  • Handle the sunglasses with both hands when putting them on and removing them from / from the eyes.

  • Be careful not to damage the glasses during daily activities.

  • If you cannot keep the sunglasses in their case, make sure that their lenses are not in

contact with various surfaces, substances or other objects, which could damage them.

  • Do not leave or use glasses near heat sources, open fires or other harsh conditions

extreme temperatures, such as in the sauna, under the jet of hair dryers, etc.

  • Do not leave the glasses on the car directly exposed to the sun.

  • Do not wear sunglasses on your head.

  • The glasses are placed with the arms folded, preferably in the heel.

  • Never place the glasses with the convex face of the lenses facing down.

  • Not suitable for direct sunlight


     I maintenance of sunglasses

  • Periodically check that the mounting screws of the goggles are properly tightened to

prevent accidental falling of the lens

  • Replace cushions and goggles whenever necessary


     Cleaning sunglasses

  • To clean the glasses, use specially dedicated products or special liquid detergents for cleaning

  • Wipe the glasses with a soft, preferably microfiber cloth

  • If you do not have the recommended solutions, use only water and then wipe the glasses with a soft cloth

  • It is recommended not to wipe the glasses with a dry cloth

  • Do not use aggressive detergents, alcohol or other universal detergents unless otherwise specified

  • When cleaning the glasses, it is recommended to hold them by the nasal bridge

  • The operation will be done smoothly



Manufacturer: Taizhou Jiaojiang Hongxing Glasses Manufacturing Co., Ltd .; Yanhai Glasses Industry Park, Qiansuo Streets, Jiaojiang District, Taizhou City 


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