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In a quality cardboard box: a folding cardboard and velvet case, microfiber napkin and microfiber pouch and a pair of sunglasses like you've never seen before

ochelari cu balamale din otel inoxidabil

Next level Eco-Friendly: aluminum used only for the, specially developed, 2-spring hinges and only non irritable finishing materials

ochelari de soare polarizati

Handmade, for hipsters too ❤️

9-layer TAC lenses, polarized cat. 3 UVA UVB UV400; Interesting, isn't it?

lentile tac polarizate
certificat CE goodrise 2021.jpg

 Although made of wood, our glasses are subjected to rigorous checks (stress tests, drop ball tests, etc.) which they pass with flying colors every time. 

Trademark and international certifications

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